28 May 2009

Trojan Package (Assignment)

While in my Production class we were given the task of recreating a marketed package design; I made the decision to recreate the Trojan "Her Pleasure" Condom packaging.

Problem: When women venture out to purchase condoms, there is a sense of intimidation. A woman's evening plans should not be apparent to every customer in the store. In addition, a woman should be able to carry condoms in a more discrete and feminine manner other than in the bottom of her purse.

Solution: I created a new package called Black Dress for Trojan "Her Pleasure" Condoms that takes on the appearance of a perfume box. Each box contains discrete, individually wrapped cases for each condom.

Enjoy! Please Leave Any Feedback!

P.S. I served as the Art Director the photo shoot :)

CoverGirl & WIBA cont....

I have successfully completed my COVERGIRL & WIBA Campaign and would like to share it with you. This will not include all the pieces, but it does have the beginning--starting with the mood boards--to the end with final pieces. Enjoy!

Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.

23 May 2009

CoverGirl & WIBA Micro Site

While studying Advertising Design I was given an assignment in an Art Direction class to take an event and a product and combine the two. My choices? CoverGirl Cosmetics and the Womens International Boxing Association (WIBA).

I created an entire IMC Campaign for the two elements. This is the Rough Draft for the Micro Site I created.

Layout in Illustrator CS4, Final Cropped in Photoshop CS4


This is my design I created for the MINI COOP Contest. The rules were to convey how small or ecofriendly the MINI is.

I decided to do coins to show how much you can save buying the MINI COOP and the coin also represents how small the MINI is.

08 May 2009

Simple Resume Package Option

Package 1: Simple green and brown. Inspired from the buisness card purchased from VistaPrint. All you need is a 5.75x5.75 envelope, yarn, cd labels and your own color choices. Have fun!

Package 2: Buisness card and cd label was created in Photoshop CS3.

John's Toy Box

Inside of Comic Book

John's Toy box was inspired by my father, John, and his collection of toys when he was younger. The comic books that are placed in the box are font based. There are no pictures.

Windows 7

Font created by me.

Wake Up Call

Class Assignments

Many of the pieces that are created on Designers Complex where created for the sole purpose of class. They were assigned by Professors along with a creative brief for us to then formulate designs. So I hope you enjoy samples of my portfolio. I worked really hard on them.

Caribou Coffee

Botanical Gardens

Billboards created for Botanical Gardens in Atlanta.

Allow Them To Grow



Bayer Magazine Ads created in Photoshop CS3.