11 September 2008

The Love Machine

This is a DVD Cover I created in Adobe Photoshop CS3. It was created for a play that was performed by North Carolina A&T State University Alumni. I was given the opportunity to work along side Green Bench Production Company to create this cover.
The techniques used to create this design were very simple such as lowering the opacity on various pictures. Also I used the Drop Shadow option on the title to allow it to stand out.
*Thank you Green Bench Productions!


Me? A Cartoon?

This piece is entitled Me? A Cartoon? It was created using Adobe Illustrator CS2. I applied the mesh tool as well as created outlines using the pen tool. Personally, this my favorite piece to date.

About the Artist

Designer's Complex is my very own freelance graphic design company. It was created during my undergraduate tenure at North Carolina A&T University. On this blog you will see the new things that I create for my leisure or my clients as well as things that I have constructed in the past. I specialize in Flyer's, Business cards, posters, etc. Feel free to leave comments on what you see here (Please be honest, compliments and criticims are both welcome) and if you are looking for some work done feel free to contact me here or at designerscomplex@gmail.com, because I am always looking to build my portfolio.