19 January 2010

Quick Pen Tool Exercise

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could draw myself in under an hour with the pen tool (illustrator CS4) and this is what I did!

17 January 2010

Logo for Charm City Aggies

While in school you always seem to find where you fit in. It could be based on sports, personalities, ethnicity, or just location. I had the honor of creating a logo for an organization called "Charm City Aggies." It based on the location of students from Baltimore, Maryland.

Here are a few ides I came up with:

After a view revisions and a talk with the client we came up with the new logo for Charm City Aggies.

Exploring Typography

While in graduate school i came to have a new found love for Typography. Every where I go I compare it to each other and I try to use it and execute it as best as I can in my projects. Recently, I designed some invites to a friends baby shower and decided to use only type for the picture.

The theme was the Mad Hatter Tea Party!